In a culture where handcrafted works of art is a way of life, I want to take a minute to appreciate the things I have picked up along the way. Kendel and I both love the flea markets out here and we try to go as often as possible. The lots are always full of treasures and you can buy most things straight from the maker. Being an art major, I am drawn to the colors, the patterns and the textures of their jewelry and I am proud to contribute to the vendors for their hard work.

juniper beads/Navajo ghost beads :: $2

turquoise pendant :: $5

various strands of beads

turquoise cuff :: $20

gold cuffs :: 2/$5

various strands of beads

beaded medicine pouch :: $15

rings :: $8 :: $5 :: $10

turquoise earrings :: $12

I love turquoise and luckily so do the Navajo. It is everywhere out here. All the woman have big necklaces and cuffs and earrings. Even the men wear big turquoise cuffs. The first day we went to the flea market I bought the juniper beads and someone told us they call them ghost beads out here because they protect the wearer from evil spirits or bad dreams. We’ve been looking for the lady I bought them from ever since then to buy more, but we cannot find her anywhere!

Navajo dreamcatcher :: $12

Before I bought this baby, I was dreaming about car crashes and losing things. Now I dream of mango meringue pie topped with jalapeños and meeting up with friends…perfect. And its handmade! I bought it from the man himself! Sweet deals and sweeter dreams.