It has been a month so far and I figured I should share a couple tips for the future alliance interns (or really any iterns in DC). First off, do as much as you can while your here. I do not know if it was because we spent the first two weeks getting situated with our internships and housing, but I feel like I have been finding new neat things to do in DC for every day of the week. Why did I not catch onto this sooner? Our first cool thing we went to was “Jazz in the Park” which is at the national sculpture garden and is a really nice break after the long work wee. We have gone to BBQs with other intern friends and been cooking meals with others and learning new recipes. We have been trying to target different resturaunts who have special deals, so that we can experience the food and night vibe of DC.  The week of June 11th to 18th was InternsRock! Week (go to which had a ton of special deals so we tried to take advantage. It is every summer and honers all interns in the area, how cool right? We have also gone  to W&L alumni functions such as a Nats game, and also a dinner party reserved through a W&L student’s intern friend. Young people from a couple schools came, and it was so exciting to meet people from different schools in the area.

Another cool thing that some friends in the area are looking forward to checking out is free yoga by lululemon athletica. They call it “Yoga in the Park”, and it is basically a group that meets after work hours and does yoga outside together. It was a very interesting experience. I also went to a farmers market today where I got to try tasters of all the fresh produce, and Christina, Heather, Shiri and I will be going kyacking on the Potmac river at sunset tonight! There are so many cool things to do here. Our secret is we frequently visit both the Free in DC website ( and Ready Set DC ( to find new things coming up. Also, we signed up for email alerts on daily deals with Living Social (

Wish I would have caught on to things like this sooner, so learn from our mistakes and get on top of all this cool stuff ASAP!