So I am nearing the end of my first two weeks here in Baltimore and I must say, as of now, I’m not liking it. Not because of the internship. Not because of the people/neighborhood. But because of the city/state’s policies!!!!!!

Here’s a little background: I volunteer as a director for two conferences sponsored by the International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) conference and the Southeastern United States Model United Nations (SUSMUN) conference. As a director, over the summer I must write background guides on topics to be debated upon by high school students in the fall at the conferences. I have two background guides for each conference. SUSMUN is due first, one of the 12th and the other on the 24th. I have been given the responsibility to have atleast 20 sources, only seven of which can from the web and only five can be UN distributed! My school’s remote access to our databases is down so…..epic fail all over me!!!

Back to the present: Wen to the library to get a library card and they tell me that I must give them $50 because I have out of state identification (or whatever)!!! To say the least, that didn’t happen. I’ve been trying to talk with professors and library officials at Johns Hopkins to see what they can work out for me but to no avail. So, I went back to the library today to get a card (and pay the $50) just to find out that they close Th through Sat at 5pm. Who does that? People don’t read after 5pm? (and they don’t read on Sundays either fyi) As a result, I’m currently fed up!!!


I am throughly enjoying my internship. I am at the House of Ruth Maryland which is a domestic violence organization. I work in the legal clinic and starting next week will have the opportunity to work on the 24 hour hotline that the organization also provides!! 🙂 So excited to do that. I wish I could give more detail but I am bound by attorney-client confidentiality laws (I’ve waited so long to say that ;D).

But I will explain the quote in my title. A couple days ago I had the opportunity to go to court in Catonsville, MD. I basically listened to Protective Order (PO) and Peace Order (PcO) cases and if they had no attorney representation I handed them a card so they could call us (the House of Ruth). The judge of these cases however was the highlight of my Baltimorean experience. He was off the chain. He kept saying whatever came to his mind. In a case involving two women “fighting” over a man, he stated to one of them, “The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.” (Notice the quotes) HILARIOUS!!!!! In another case he said, “Don’t hate the playa hate the game.” He had me rollling! It was so much fun, plus we got the chance to speak to him once all cases were done. This was the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been here. Plus, the impact I can have on domestic violence victims makes me smile!!!

Tre’vell Anderson

Morehouse College ’13