We went to the memorial day parade on Constitution Avenue and it was amazing, although this city does get really HOT. Once I figure out how to upload pictures, I will have to send one of this elderly veteran driving an old war car while sipping on wine. What a great introduction to DC. Next we went to pick up our groceries and household supplies, discovering the secret parking decks, elevators and cart escalators that allow for multi-floor bulk shopping. We hit the register and saw that our 11 dollars a day is going to be hard.

We then broke into groups and went to visit our worksites — as it was memorial day our work started on a tuesday and so we took the opportunity to map out a route to work when we were not in a time crunch. Briana and I paired off and visited her agency first, which was in a very central part of town. We actually wandered by the White House on our way, and halfway past she exclaims “Wow. That’s the White House. And we’re walking past it like its a Target or something.” We had to stop for a while and take it all in. All the protestors, tourists, and hill-workers; what a sight.

My site was in a completely different area. When I asked one of my co-workers about it, she said that a little while ago it was the type of area that people would say you would not want to hang out around. Now it is under development, and slowly I am becoming comfortable with my walk to work. It is interesting how just the urban feel can make a walk uneasy. Also, on that first day I visited my workplace, a man on the street made a comment about my roommate and I walking down the street together because we were difference races. It honestly took me a while to catch on. Even in as progressive as a place as DC, people are still bold enough to pass rude judgement openly. We just laughed. What else do you do?

When we got home the other interns filled us in on their adventures. Heather and Allie got lost in a pretty hostile environment and after a half an hour were pretty shaken up by their experience. Luckily a grandmother, noticing their fluster, helped them find their way. Christina found out her agency shares an address with a tattoo parlor, and the others were very excited to find their places of work nearby a Starbucks. Well, there goes $4.

We continue the search for coupons and free events to help make up for our silly habits.