Just two weekends ago Shepherd Alliance Interns met in Berea, Kentucky to go over the ins and outs of interning. With our plethora of advice, lists of to do and to get, paperwork and high spirits, we were off to the capitol.

First thing noted: THANK YOU GARMIN. It has been over a week and although I feel like a old pro at the metro (throwing my advice to bewildered wanderers every now and then) and although I am beginning to understand walking the city with the Grid, Quadrants, and Wards…driving is a different story. Five re-routs later, we finally made it to Catholic University where we would be staying in apartment style housing.

Note 2: Face-to-Face contact still reigns, even in the big city. My sweetmates and I were given a dorm that had not been cleaned yet due to some loop in the checking-out system, yet we did not know this. We were greeted with a frigid but quick-traveling stench from the leftovers in the fridge, a cheerios and q-tips collection, and some pledge. Oh boy. A phone call to management prompted us to get in touch with our house cleaning selves. Luckily a calm description and some face time got us switched into a new room, while being informed of this minor check out mistake. Lesson learned.

We wrapped the night up with some late chinese food nearby, concluding that we had had too much excitement for one day. As for memorial day week, we were off to the world of city-shopping, exploring and internships.