“Two more weeks, two more weeks,” this is what you will hear as the bases of much conversation amongst most of the D.C. interns. Its hard to believe that almost eight weeks ago we all embarked on a journey together that has quickly passed us by.
The residents of Curley Court all have been heavily involved in individual growth, but the growth I have personally experienced is insurmountable. Life Pieces to Masterpieces has really opened my eyes to a sense of purpose and it is limitless. Yes, I love my fellow interns but Life Pieces has been my home away from home. It has been my refuge and it has given me the opportunity to step outside my box and think contrary to what I have been for so long. The Tree house gives me something new and exciting daily and my junior Apprentices make sure that Brother Jacobi gets a good laugh daily.
Moving to the District is up for constant debate daily and is something I am heavily considering. For two weeks now, its been brought up some way or another in almost everyone of my conversations. I don’t know the answer just yet, but if I could come here and be what Life Pieces has been to me then maybe the answer is YES!
Its less than 2 weeks till we make this journey full circle, and best believe the Real Worlders of DC are maximizing every moment! If only we could get the family dinner together we’ve been planning since day one maybe we’d be right on track! Lol!
Whatever the case, this is the true story of 9 strangers, pick to live in trailers, who live together and work at separate agencies, that are finding out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. It’s the Real World D.C.