Oh man, things have really picked up around here.  All sorts of events are going on.  Currently, we have two trips ongoing- sailing and Trailblazers, which both seem awesome.  The sailing program is a series of daytrips while the Trailblazers trip stays out for three weeks at a sleep away camp (check the camp out- google Trailblazers Camps in NJ.

I, however (along with Caroline), will be a counselor the Vermont trip, a ten-day backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing adventure trip with a handful of students.  This trip will be led by Project USE, which you should also look up.  This week has been orientation for our trip, which departs Monday the 20th.

A funny thing happened yesterday.  I was eating lunch in the park with one of my students, L, who will be on the Vermont trip with me. L speaks very little, and the other students tend to ignore her, to the point that the staff has to remind everyone that she will be on the trip too.    All of a sudden, she just started describing her life to me: her sister, her sister’s newborn child (the sister is 17, but was pregnant at 16), her sister’s child’s father who lives at her house now but does nothing to support the kid, and all sorts of things.  I don’t know why L picked me to tell all of this to, having known me for two days at the time.  I hope she feels better for sharing.