Hi! This is professor Beckley on Fran Elrod’s blog. I am been perusing your blogs. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your experience. Most days, I would like to be with you doing something more direct and learning from what you see.

You are probably getting to the point when you notice that this is challenging and difficult work. In all most all cases, the challenges ultimately make the work more rewarding and make you proud that you have achieved another milestone in your education. Often, these internships transform the way students see poverty or understand what they want to do as future physicians, business persons, educators, lawyers, and so forth.

Keep patient, stay the course, keep us informed, and we will look forward to your final reports. I always learn a great deal from the interns, and I know this year will be no exception to that.

Best. Call on us if we can be of help

Prof. Beckley