Hello All,

This week has been very educational. No, I don’t mean I read a lot of books or practiced chemistry. I didn’t even do very much math. Some things in life you can’t learn from textbooks. Everything I needed to know about life–I have learned in the kitchen and the garden. Here it goes…

1. Be resourceful–you can feed 30+ people with just a few logical ingredients– i.e. taking browning bananas and making banana muffins! Brown bananas aren’t bad. They’re sweet! 🙂

2. Timing is key–if I never learned the art of multitasking and time management before working in the kitchen, I would have certainly had an intense training session. Also, it is so easy to let small things overwhelm you if you haven’t properly prepared  for taking on those tasks. So put first things first! i.e. putting the product that needs the longest time to cook in the oven first. (See common sense) 😛

3. Use common sense! It is very easy to make silly mistakes if you don’t use your common sense. i.e. burning yourself because you failed to use an oven mit while handling hot items. I’ve done it!! It really hurts! (don’t laugh) 🙂 I’m ok…

On a slightly more serious note, the garden has taught me very important things through some careful observations:

-You should wait to bear fruit. No matter how ripe and ready you think you are, it’s best to get your roots and leaves established before you produce little plants of your own.

-If you aren’t careful, weeds will bombard you, steal your resources, and freeload off of your solar successes.

-Drink water

-Grow vertically rather than horizontally–meaning your spiritual connection with a higher power should be superior to your relationships with men.

-It’s ok if your leaves turn brown every once in a while. Just do your best to get green again and stay on that path. Some of the best tomatoes are grown from plants that were once puny, malnourished, or lacking resources (lol, I just made that up).

-There is a time for everything. A time to sprout and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest….etcetera etcetera.

I hope you learned something. I know I have!