Life in D.C. has been a challenge but one that I accept with open arms. Nonetheless, I have had a great experience these past four weeks. Only thing is, I wish I had a video camera to record some of the craziness that goes on here!
First, I rode the Odyssey III, a cruise vessel designed specifically to travel beneath the Potomac’s historic bridges. The executives of Life Pieces to Masterpieces felt this was a good way to kick off our summer together. The Odyssey III offered unmatched views of the nation’s greatest monuments as well as a great meal. The co-workers and I danced the evening away to the Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Electric Slide.
Secondly, I was invited to attend President Obama’s town hall meeting on fatherhood, Father’s Day Weekend. For a first time visitor of D.C., I was so excited to experience something that most residents of the city have not had the opportunity to have. Five co-workers, and myself, along with 15 of our brightest Appetencies went suited and booted to the White House. Just to marvel in the beauty of that place was amazing! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet President Obama but I was less than 100 feet from him. I did meet Vice President Joe Bidden, Dewayne Wade, and Alonzo Mourning. The President of my school, Morehouse College, was in attendance and I was very excited to see him there. I was just baby steps from making my TV debut!
The kids here at Life Pieces are a piece of work to say the least. They just like I have, have grown attached. It’s a warm feeling for these kids to rush in and greet you by tackling you are running into you leg. Although sometimes our doge ball games get a little too intense, it is great to nurture such energetic and talented gentlemen, athletes, scholars, and artist.
Lastly, life in the trailer park is great! And yes, we do stay in a trailer park!!! Each one of us shares an individual but distinct relationship with the other, but the fun times we share are great. Whether we’re in Georgetown site seeing, riding the metro and getting lost, or walking to the 7 Eleven for $2 slurpees we all are bonding and becoming somewhat a close knit family. The metro thing has been crazy for the past few weeks due to a train plowing into a stopped train ahead of it at the height of evening rush hour a week ago, killing nine people and injuring more than 70. We’ve all been a little apprehensible about riding the metro and have experienced huge delays to and from work, but we are all thankful none of us were involved or hurt by the crash.
So, as you can see D.C. is what I call “live action” never delivering a dull moment to any of the nine strangers, picked to live in three trailers, who live together and work at separate agencies, that are finding out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. It’s the Real World D.C.