Right now we’re working on media training at the Youth Action Institute and I found out that it has a blog: http://youthactioninstitute.wordpress.com

It’s not really active right now but the goal is to get people to start using it after we leave. It’s so useful how we can use all the free tools available to us on the web to drum up press and news around things and find others who want to join our movement. For example: during this past week we found out that the HIV & AIDS services in San Francisco are facing drastic budget cuts so we decided to organize a demonstration to raise awareness about the cuts. Today is the last day of YAI and so at 3 PM at the 16th & Mission Plaza we are hosting the demonstration. The past couple days have been a frenzy of work to alert the local media and do outreach in area to get locals to come out to the event. This morning we had our first piece of press published about the event so that was super exciting! Here’s the link to the article that the California Chronicle did on the demonstration: http://www.californiachronicle.com/articles/view/107685

We also have a Twitter account: http://www.twitter.com/yai2009

And a Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2365357215

We have been able to get our press release and media alert out to all the major local publications just by using the internet, phones, laptops and in two days put together an event. I’m really excited for this afternoon and will get back on here this weekend to talk more in depth about the goings on this past week.