For anyone who is interested, here is a link to an online photo album. This album includes several pictures of the community garden project and its progress. I’m not in any of these pictures though because I am the photographer. lol 

The garden is a lot of work!!! Most days, I don’t like it at ALL. Nonetheless, it is awesome to watch this organic garden growing. Pretty soon we will literally be enjoying the fruits of our labor. 🙂

I will be adding more pictures periodically. Every time I do, I will post the link to a new blog post. Thanks!


Also, this is the end of my third week. I have been enjoying my time here so far. I especially enjoy the meal planning and cooking shift aspects of my job. My supervisor allows me to plan meals for our clients based on our freezer inventory and whatevever we can use in the pantry. I usually find recipes on AllRecipes.com. I like meal planning because it allows me to get creative. For example, I found a recipe for fruit salsa and cinnamon tortilla chips to give to the Summer Fun kids. They LOVED it! I think a lot of them liked the cinnamon chips more than the salsa. I really enjoy interacting with these clients. I forgot how insightful little kids can be. I have re-learned some life lessons like “that’s life” and how to successfully stay in between the lines when coloring. I have been trying to teach the kids origami this week and they really enjoy it.

P.S. I love little kids 🙂