We’ve been doing a lot of prep work this week before the summer trips really get going.  Much of our time has been spent calling students and admonishing them to get their applications turned in.  We have had some success in getting new students to sign up for CampInteractive, I am especially proud that some of the students who we talked to in the community center the other day have followed through with applications (after a couple reminder calls).  I refer to the process as CampInteractive rush.

Yesterday we spent some time in the Warehouse getting things organized and ready for the rafting trip this weekend.  One student, V, came to help us.  V has been having a lot of trouble lately, missing a lot of school.  Yesterday, he was wearing a t-shirt from a CampInteractive trip.  When I asked him about the trip, his eyes lit up.  He talked at length about going to Aspen and hiking and camping.

Today was an awesome day of CampInteractive.  The staff went sailing on the Hudson River to preview a program that our students attend in a couple weeks.  We enjoyed the lovely weather (finally!) and great conditions.  The students will have so much fun with sailing.