Just after my post of how surprisingly tolerant folks around here have been, I witness some racism.  While tutoring a young lady pursuing her GED in integers and basic geometry we get on the topic of where she’s originally from.  While talking about her home back up in Michigan, some how the topic of “towel heads” was brought up.  Interestingly, she also brought up her Chinese friend, how most folks back home were either black or mixed, and how her family does not condone racism.  Shortly after using a term like “towel head”.  I did not know what to make of this, other then perhaps to most people still think of racism in the same way that people think of sexism.  They believe most of it is wiped out, because the most glaringly obvious issues and problems have been mostly tamed.  The vote is won, people cannot discriminate hiring (blatantly at least) based on sex or race, along with a million other things we’ve done to improve the way society treats people.  However racism and sexism are still there, only subtle.  Sometimes as subtle the words used to describe the folks who own your local gas station.