Who knew social service agencies ran out of money? I mean, I guess I knew that they didn’t have an endless supply of funds that they perpetually dipped into to help the poor, but to have to turn people away for almost a week now has been difficult.  The Covenant House is funded through a conglomeration of churches which create it’s Drop-In Center fund as well as various federal, state and local grants.  We are able to pull seperate quantities of money from each fund for one given case and thus all of our funds are used at about the same rate.

I remember finding it interesting how in the middle of the month, people would call in asking if we still had money.  Unaware that there was an alternative, I always said yes to what seemed like a kind of silly question, until I heard someone else answering the call inform the client that we probably only had money left for two more people. 2 more people, what!? I was blown away. It was only the 18th of the month.

Thus, for the past week we have had to tell people that we cannot help with bills and rent  until the 1st of July, when I’m assuming there will be quite the influx of people.  In general the folks we serve understand our incapabilty and say they will just have to return in July; however, some people can be slightly hostile in asking where they should go next.  They claim they have been everywhere and still have money to pay and their lights [insert any termination possible] are already off.  Unfortunately all we can do is try to find somewhere they haven’t been yet. 

In the mean time we are still giving food and clothing vouchers so my job is not completely obsolete, but nonetheless much quieter.  Feels like I should start bracing for July1 now…