So tomorrow is the first day of the Youth Action Institute at UC Berkeley in California and I am still not done packing! I just got back from trying four different stores to get airplane sized toiletries. All of them were closed –  I thought living in a city would provide late night options but I guess Sunday night doesn’t qualify. This will be a quick entry about the upcoming events:

I’ve been spending the past two weeks doing prep work for the YAI and site visits. I have learned so much more about HIV/AIDS and homelessness then when I started so I know that this week will be even more mind-opening. The agenda contains activism, field work, and advocacy training.

I’ve also been charged with finding current news related to youth activism around these issues so that’s provided some interesting reading. If I find any especially good ones I’ll be sure to share.

Also upcoming is the National Week of Action to Fight AIDS  from June 30th to July 7th (incidentally, this is the same day Congress & Senate will officially apologize for slavery).