I have decided that Kentucky is one of the wetter states I’ve been in, almost topping Florida at this rate!  We’ve had rain nearly every day these past two weeks, ranging from a light drizzle to having to carry a flashlight while shadowing in fear of the clinic losing lights!

This past week had me shadowing five different providers in four different clinics/hospitals!  It is interesting to see how different providers have different methods of practicing medicine and connecting with patients.  Some of the clinics are close to the hospitals that they belong with, while others are far out, in very rural locations to make it easier for local folks to get to them.

One of the things that stand out the most to me from this past week is the importance of medical samples from drug companies.  So many of the patients here are either on Medicare, Medicaid, or do not have insurance.  While many of them do have some form of insurance, it is common for most of the providers to run into a few without any coverage every day.  Another problem is that many who do have insurance have a very limited form which does not cover most name brand medicines.  As a result they are very dependent on the generic medicines which work just as well.   In order to get the patients to start the treatment though, many providers here are dependent on giving them samples so that they get used to taking the medicine without having to deal with costs or the hassle of insurances.  Unless they are use to the medicine, many of them will not bother dealing with the extra hassle.

Other things I’ve done here include helping with the local community, including a summer reading program at the local elementary school, giving out food at the food pantry, and a free week long summer day camp that had the kids making crafts.  Most of the children are little darlings.  Two or three of them were handfuls, while there’s always one in the group that is borderline offensive.   I’d have to say this is the first time I’ve been called “Japangirl”, most of the time kids would assume an Asian is part Chinese.