Today we worked a lot in the warehouse.  The whole project needs to be complete soon so that we can send the kids out on trips fully equipped for their adventures.  There is just a lot to be prepared for hiking, climbing, sailing, and other adventures this summer with CI.

The most interesting activity today was going to a meeting at a community center with Craig, Jesus, Caroline, and a CampInteractive alum to pitch CI to new kids.  It was amazing the range of reactions we got when we talked a little and tried to convince the audience to put in an application to become a part of CampInteractive.  Some kids, who were doing absolutely nothing this summer, had no interest whatsoever in the amazing scholarship opportunity that is CI.  They could potentially go on tons of trips, get after-school tutoring, and lots of technology training for free.  Yet, some of the students listening immediately latched onto the idea.

It was interesting to hear reasons why people were uninterested in CI, or reasons why they were.  Some were just not interested in the outdoors at all.  Others didn’t want to put time in.  Others were dying to go outside and dying to go on trips and get tech training.

I was happy for the opportunity to talk to some kids who were not already sold in CI, just people who were forced to enter.

One couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend, were very interested.  When filling out the application, the boyfriend got to where it asks for an e-mail address.  He admitted to having never sent an e-mail before.  He is a high school sophomore.   All of my little brother’s friends have iphones; it blows my mind that he doesn’t have an e-mail address of his own.