Wow, we’ve been here in NYC for just one week.   I feel like we’ve done a lot in such a short time span.

Caroline and I now have new titles at CampInteractive: project coordinators.  Our boss believes that the term “intern” works against us, that people pay less attention to staff members titled “intern.”  For this reason, he wanted an alternate title for us and I coined the term “project coordinator.”

The project that we have been coordinating for the last couple days is working on scraping and repainting the warehouse.  Time Warner of New York City donated some space in its warehouse for CampInteractive to store backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots, and other camping supplies for the kids, most of whom have no outdoors gear of their own (why would they?  They live in the Bronx).  Caroline and I spent lots of time the last two days scraping and repainting the ceiling of the warehouse, which was peeling and dropping paint chips onto the equipment.    Soon, we will move lots of the equipment from a POD storage unit in the parking lot back into the warehouse.  Then, we will organize it to prepare to outfit all the students for their trips this summer.

Summer in the city is lots of fun.  I’ve managed to see several of the Washington and Lee students who either live in the city or are working on other internships here.  I’ve found my favorite nearby independent coffee shop, the Grey Dog’s Café on University Avenue.  However, a cup of coffee there or at Starbucks ($1.90 either place) is a big percentage of the food budget, so one must be careful.