Blog 1: Part 2


The most interesting delivery site was the Magnolia Center for developmentally disabled adults. We delivered food there on Friday June 12. Here’s an excerpt from my journal entry:

While I was eating my lunch I could hear people around me praising the chicken enchilada casserole. I was really excited because it was my first time making that dish and I was worried it wouldn’t be all that great. Many asked for seconds. I met Woman#1, Guy#2, and Woman#2. Woman#1is an older woman who in the past Jenny thought was a staff member because she was so helpful. Guy#2 is a man who doesn’t speak very well and loves to hug and flirt. As soon as we got there he was told “no hugs.” Gal #2 was really quiet but responded when I asked her how she was enjoying her food. I was communicating with Gal #2 as if she were a client but I thought what if she’s an employee?! (It was a little hard to distinguish staff from client because the staff wasn’t wearing uniforms.) So I asked her if she worked at the Center. During our conversation, she told me that she was a volunteer and she worked there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I asked her about the plays that the clients put on and she told me they hadn’t done a play in a while but they have put on Christmas plays before.

Time was winding down so I and the other volunteers started to dish out any finally helpings of food and clean up. As the group of us was talking, Jenny came over and asked if we were able to meet any of the clients. I told her I had met Woman#1, Guy #2, and Woman#2 who was really nice and had been volunteering at the center. Jenny looked at me and said, “Woman#2 is a client.” I was very embarrassed to say the least.

On our way back to the Kitchen, Jenny informed us many of the clients have fictitious lives that they believe they are living, like the woman that has a younger male love-interest that drives around town in a black Cadillac. She also told us that the Magnolia Center is her favorite delivery site. The people are always so warm and welcoming and she can see the progress a lot of the clients have made over time. For example, Woman #3 has made leaps and bounds from when Jenny met her years ago. Before, she used stare at people in an almost hateful way. Now, she is very friendly and even told Jenny during their interaction that she wanted Jenny to get married so she could be happy. 

Overall, I would say that this was a great experience and a lot more palatable for me than the Manor at Natural Bridge.


I have had a very eventful week! I wish I could share everything, but I’ve probably already made this entry too long.

 Thanks for reading. There’s more to come.