Caroline and I had our first day of work at CampInteractive- very exciting stuff.  CampInteractive, for those who do not know is a leadership program that combines outdoor adventure with technology training and after school tutoring. The Center is in a little room in the Bronx, almost 1000 square feet, and it is packed with computers, cameras, outdoor gear, and people.  There center has a giant table in the middle and internet-café style computers around the edges.  The room appears a high-tech rustic cabin with the sounds of the Bronx trickling in through the walls.

We met a lot of the staff and some of the students who attend the afterschool program.  The staff and other interns seemed happy to meet Caroline and me, and ready to work with us for the summer.  The executive director, Craig, took us around the neighborhood and got us acquainted with the program and the area.  We got tech training and received our CampInteractive network passes.     At around 2:30 the kids began to come in.  Many of them had taken Regents’ exams today, and were pretty drained.  Tomorrow we should be getting more real assignments and projects for the summer.  I think it was a solid first day of work.