Hi! My name is Emily Leary and am I going to be spending this summer in Charleston, WV working at a social services agency called the Covenant House.  …Or should I say am working.  Today was the first day on the job and it was an exciting one.

A short recap though, after finishing the opening conference in Berea, KY, Elizabeth Gorman and I loaded our cars and headed off on our relatively short drive up I-64 to Charleston.  Elizabeth and I are the only students in Charleston; however, she will be working at Legal Aid of West Virginia.  This past weekend consisted of the basic settling in, buying groceries, and getting to know the city some by car.  My supervisor Amy, had us over for dinner last night at her house in town which was followed by a performance by the Symphony Orchestra open to the public as well as fireworks.  It was quite the welcome.

Since it was only my first day, I’ll hold off on describing my experiences until I get a bit of a better perspective later in the week; nonetheless a little background on the what the Covenant House is might be helpful.  Created through the uniting of churches and synagogues in the greater Charleston area, the Covenant House works to provide both direct services to the homeless and at risk of the area, as well as working to fight the problem at large through advocacy and education.  At the risk of making this post too long, I’ll simply say that I’ll be working the direct services area in the drop-in center where people come for help with food/clothes/bills and more as well as having the opportunity to do laundry, recieve mail, and shower.

Well, in accrodance to staying on our $11 a day food budget, I’m off to cook dinner for myself! Ohh the many new experiences.