Today was my first day of service (as AmeriCorps calls it) and everything went well. Housing Works is in a great location, across the street from the White House/Treasury/ABA and just a couple of blocks from a Metro stop. I arrived early and took a short jaunt to the front of the White House in an attempt to accomplish goal #2 of mine this summer: To spot BoBama (as I have affectionately nicknamed the First Family’s dog). Sadly, I was unsuccessful and had to make do with the protesters, tourists, and beautiful location.

During the day I worked on the Youth Action Institute that is coming up in just two weeks! I will be flying to California to help with the conference and am really looking forward to it as I am sure to learn a lot about grassroots organizing and HIV/AIDS issues from the experience. I met two of the men I will be working with and a couple of others who are involved in the D.C. HIV/AIDS community of activists. It’s exciting to see how these campaigns work on a day to day basis. So far I’ve witnessed the difficulties that can arise from having to organize with people that live all over the country. I am looking forward to the rest of the week, despite the thunderstorms that have been forecasted, and will keep everyone updated as time goes by.