The day starts bright and early here in Kentucky.  Another one of the Couriers and I agreed to take a walk in the morning around the area, since they swore up and down that it is safe to do so.  The most dangerous thing we found was an over friendly dog that followed us for the rest of the walk, all the way back to The Big House!

After a simple breakfast and more introductions to people who work here, we headed to the office to get the run down over the rules of being a Courier, turn in paperwork, answer questions, and such.  Afterwards we piled into a car to get a general view of one of the areas we’d be working in before lunch.

Lunch was provided and delicious.  They make jokes about how people gain 10-15 pounds while staying here, but I can see why!  The food is so good!  After lunch we went back into the car and went on a whirlwind tour of four more medical locations that we will possibly be shadowing and two of the community service based locations.  

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting two of the farther out locations.  I’m really nervous about shadowing medical professionals, since I am not PreMed and do not intend to be.  However, I am quite excited for the community building that I’ll be doing here.  The program here makes the schedule for the first few weeks, so that everyone tries a little of everything.  After that, Couriers can give input and alter which things they help out with, so I’ll probably avoid the ER and surgery parts after the first tries.

Right now I’m just waiting before dinner to talk to the other girls and finding out what they did.  Two Couriers have been here for five weeks already and were on the field today.  Hopefully they’ll tell us some stories!  After dinner there is something going on at the Nursing and Midwife School where they tell Frontier stories.  I’ll probably go check it out, but for now dinner!