My name is Danielle.  I am a summer 2009 Shepard Alliance member.  This summer I will be working with the Frontier Nursing Service.  (http://www.frontiernursing.org/)

The end of Spring Term was hectic as ever, but leaving straight after graduation just made it even worse!  We had no control over the time of the orientation and we had to drive 6  hours, so it was good that we left before late afternoon.

Orientation was interesting, with many different people participating to make it great!  We made a few friends and learned a bit more about the issues surrounding helping others, things to watch out for in rural or urban areas, and about general safety concerns.  Many activities were geared towards bonding so that starting our programs would be less stressful, but since I was the only Shepard Alliance member going to my location, I did not have as much to do.

In interest of keeping things short and sweet, I will wrap up with that I am safe and sound in my location.  I have not yet met everyone who I will be working with and am not yet certain what my duties are, but I am sure everything will be cleared up by tomorrow evening!  Till then, ja ne!